I’m finally in the process of transitioning my site to mikehaskew.com.  It’ll be in process for the next little bit, but if you want to go ahead and grab the new RSS feed, you’ll be one of the cool kids…

I’ll post a big announcement, probably give away fantastical prizes when it’s ready to go.  In the short term, it will be functioning more as a portfolio.

Thanks for following!

-Grace and Peace


Looking for Work

Well, it’s been quite a week. I arrived at the office on Friday morning, ready to work hard all day, then head out of town for a weekend trip. After working for a while, my boss came by my door and said he needed to meet with me. I knew what was about to happen.

Our company had lost some expected funding, so I was part of the workforce laid off on Friday. That started the roller coaster of thoughts and emotions that we’re still riding. Right away, I felt helpless, without any idea of what to do. Thank God for my amazing wife, who was there when I needed her. We went straight to work brainstorming, making contacts, and praying for direction.

I’ve been working in media production for the past year, doing a little of everything from Photography to Print Media to Video and Web Design. I’d love to continue in the field if I can find an opening somewhere. If you know of anyone looking for a photographer, graphic designer, videographer, copywriter, or chimney sweep, let me know!

I’ll be adding work to my portfolio on this page over the next few days. Go to mikehaskew.com and click on the medium in the tabs above to see a little of what I’ve done. Tell your friends!


Color Problems in Firefox

I came across a really frustrating problem a while back in Firefox.  After getting into photography and posting photos to the web, I noticed that my images looked extremely desaturated when viewed with Firefox (or any other Mozilla browser, i.e. Camio).  They looked rich and vibrant in Safari, but horrible in Mozilla.


After every profile setting and processing step I could find when editing my photos, I finally found an fix on the browser side.  Here it is:

  1. In Firefox, type about:config into your address bar.
  2. Search for gfx.color_management.enabled
  3. Double click on gfx.color_management.enabled to change the value to “true”
  4. Restart your browser.

That should do it!  If you pull up the same images after changing that value, they should look true to their original color.  I have no idea why this isn’t a default setting.  Come on, Mozilla!

-Grace and Peace

Digital Calibration Target

I got a Digital Calibration Target from Photovision in the mail today.  I’m very excited.


-Grace and Peace

The Places We Live


The Places We Live is an incredible, interactive photo essay by Jonas Bendiksen.  It profiles several of the worst slums in the world, stitching together series of photos, text, and interviews of individual families coupled with 360-degree photographs of each family’s home.  

Projects like this one are what make me love photography.  Nothing else can communicate these stories so clearly, showing hope, loss of hope, sadness, and contentment in places most of us will never go.  It’s a masterful project, well worth your time for a lot of reasons.  

-Grace and Peace

Video: Her Morning Elegance

This video is blowing my mind.  Brilliant use of stop motion photography and a beautiful concept, creating a really sweet dream world.

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-Grace and Peace

Photo Lighting with a Cell Phone

The Strobist had a really interesting post about lighting with a cell phone, and he included this video.  Beyond the fantastic camera and car lift tripod, this is a brilliant idea executed to perfection.  Who needs thousands of dollars worth of studio lights?  All I need’s a Nokia.


-Grace and Peace